Pronouns: They/She



Studying art at the University of California Santa Cruz and receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Art was a creatively and emotionally fulfilling experience. I’ve found the most freedom in Abstract Art: I can be anything. The canvas and I have a     symbiotic relationship: without it, I have no surface and without me, it has no color. When painting on this surface, there is a compromise, a slight resistance, and a release of emotions. The palette knife, among other various tools, is not just for textural and visual qualities. I’m scraping away my insecurities to reveal the passionate layers of myself. There is also loss of control as the paint drips glide down the canvas and I love that! Colors I gravitate to are secondary, tertiary, and beyond. I find that the richness of red-oxide, oceanic blue-green, creamy off-white, and bark reddish-brown, among other colors give my paintings an other worldly dreamy feeling. My intention with what I create is to exhibit a range of expressionism with elements of biomorphism and gender neutral concepts. 

Fun Fact: My other passion is Acting!